Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the problems that are going on in the world, but it’s even easier to become a voice for positive change. The aim of Topical Youth is to discuss the problems that young people are facing on a national and global scale, and give them an arena to discuss them. It’s about promoting the route to a better world for future generations, no matter how big or small that may be.

Topical Youth was designed by two people who both took part in programs with Raleigh International, while our volunteer experiences were very different, we both shared a common goal – to be part of a positive change.

With others along the way, we aim to bring important issues to the forefront of your mind, and to give you the chance to interact with others who share your interest. Across the world, youth can encompass a wide range of ages, but it is about being part of the change for the future to thrive, both in your community and across the world.