Are we Living in a Trump World?

With the controversial results of the presidential election still on everyone’s mind, does this encourage radical views to be considered more acceptable, even in our own multicultural Britain.

In the wake of Brexit Britain already rocking the boat of multicultural stability across Britain, Donald Trump becoming one of the most powerful men in the world really created uncertainty for people across the USA and beyond; but has this misogynistic, racist and homophobic outlook found itself emanating right on our doorstep. The world appears to be repeating itself, surrounded by hate crimes and racism, are we digressing and forgetting the love for our neighbours as we segregate more and more.

Everyday we see more distressing news on our screens, wars, refugees, police brutality, and for many we can give thanks that it is not happening to us, but we’re forgetting to empathise with our fellow humans. Being desperate to live as a lone British wolf, has encouraged us to turn our back on each other, turning a blind eye to those that need us most and even scrutinising those that are different to us. Whilst Donald Trump may be one man, his opinions appear to be resonating across the world, with controversial actions on the rise – how far can we go before we destroy ourselves?

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