The Sexualisation of a Youth

There’s no denying the fact that sex sells, but are we thwarting the chance for the youth to grow by putting them in the mindset that only their bodies can get them anywhere in life?

This is not an opportunity to slam those who do decide that they want to show off their bodies for whatever reason, it’s not up to others to decide that, but the media and society around us need to take some responsibility for the way that they are portraying the sexualisation of people, particularly that of women, and understand the effects that this can have on the generation around us.

I can think of endless examples of where people have been splashed all over the covers for the way they look, been photographed in provocative clothes to sell news, while others are slammed for dressing in a certain manner. We are creating the mindset that people need to sell their bodies to sell themselves and yet they have to take criticism when they do exactly that. It’s evermore current that people are sending naked pictures to others at s young age, and then being tormented when these pictures are spread across the web, and yet how can we comment when as a society we allow this exact thing to occur to those in the public eye.

Even high street stores are providing clothes for children that can be confused for adults clubbing wear, we are forcing children to grow up before they’re ready too and then telling them it is wrong! Particularly with the current ‘burkini’ feud eruption, young people are under the assumption that covering up is something wrong, that women are there to be ogled. Now no one is suggesting that every woman has to cover themselves, like I said earlier it all comes down to choice, but how do we make that clear to a generation when the world around them is so quick to dictate how they dress and behave.

Walking along the streets it’s clear that girls are dressing and acting a lot older for their age than she. I was at school, but are they really at fault for growing up too fast when this is all they know? Maybe it is time that we take some responsibility as a society on the influence that we’re having on those around. Remember the positive affect we can have as an active citizen, and be there to showcase achievements from different areas of success, and not focus on the sexualisation of those around us.

Let’s not forget that we live in a world of talent, from literature to sport, it doesn’t always need to be a body on display to get people to listen to you.


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